Marble stone

Marble stone

Today we will discuss the beautiful rocks that you may see in different places. Marble rocks that have very beautiful designs.

Marble is the result of the transformation of calcareous gems. The rock, which generally differs from the effects of pressure and heat during metamorphism, through crystallization, crystalline texture, but the marble is a metamorphic rock that is formed by the re-crystallization of limestone, so that over time, under pressure and heat, The texture and construction of transformed limestone are re-crystallized and produce a large, rough and veined calcite. The main constituent of these rocks is calcite and also contains other minerals such as quartz, graphite, hematite, limonite, perit, etc.. This rock is a valuable stone for its beauty, strength and fire resistance and erosion. Persians and Greeks used the stone in their monuments and sculptures. The Italian artist Michelangelo used the Italian marble (Carrara) in many statues. Compared to Travertine, this stone is more widely used for use on floors and floors due to its greater hardness and porosity.

List of products of this stone

marble – marmara white marmara – marble dark emperador emperador dwarf brown – light volume tool – silk stone emperador Tsoi – crystalline equatore white crystalline striped stripes – mosaic with external stone Medallion imperadour dark and dhighyd.

Each of them has very beautiful designs that are tailor-made to customers’ preferences.