Onyx Stone

Onyx Stone

The name of the onyx may have been heard somewhere in the past. Today, we will discuss the rocks of these rocks.

The Onyx stone is a natural stone that comes from the process of travertine stone and marble in nature.

One of the unique features of the Onyx Stone is the ability to pass through light that gives it a special effect.

Enix construction is used in lobbies or water samples, and due to the optical passivity, the light bulb or halogen behind them brings beautiful lighting.

Of course, today most of the time, residential blocks are paving up with this stone, but this kind of paving of residential units is not common.

The most mines of Enix rocks are in the township of Markazi province and scattered around the city of Yazd and Azarshahr can also be mined.

Enix construction rocks are produced in different dimensions and according to the quality of mines, which determines the price of such stones.

Enix gems are produced in tile, slabs, stairs, backlights, etc., and each one is used in various cases. For example, the use of mirror slabs on the floorboard or wallboard will provide a very beautiful effect, and will be used in the lobbying and interior space of the back light incisors.